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About Chaos

None of us will forget 2020.

It’s been a year of challenges and contradictions. Life has slowed in some ways, with lockdowns offering for many an appreciation of simpler homebound pleasures, but that also means that trends have accelerated. Changes that we predicted for the next decade, such as mass digitisation, have gone mainstream in a matter of months.

Amid the disruptions of 2020, we've also seen a unique sense of unity not witnessed in generations. Incredible human resilience has led to a resurgence of community spirit and has given rise to inventive products, systems, and solutions that enable us to not only adjust, but thrive as we find new ways to navigate our changed landscape. 

At Chaos, we've embraced this change and we have become more flexible and determined than ever. So let's get started...

With physical and emotional well-being taking on renewed importance, we are reminded that nature is not simply an amenity, but a necessity and the theme we've chosen for this year's Chaos Collection is.. THE GREAT ESCAPE <click here